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Javascript is disabled in your web browser For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Cart: 0. Achtung Spitfire! The campaign features missions inspired la codificazione da alcool Sloviansk in Kuban the Soviet 37th and 56th Armies attack on the German 44th Army Corps west of the city of Krymskaya.

Your regiment will be flying the famous British-built Spitfire Mk. Meeting Spitfires in the skies of the Kuban region came as quite a surprise to the Luftwaffe! Your regiment is deployed to Slavyanskaya airfield, near the town of same name. Experience fierce aerial combat in the skies above the picturesque Northern Caucasian region of the Soviet Union.

Defend coastal ports on dawn patrols, escort friendly bombers over enemy territory and help suppress AAA batteries, but always be on the lookout for enemy fighters! The campaign is set during the peak of fighting between the Red Army Air Force and the Luftwaffe during Autumn in the skies above Stalingrad.

Continuous German ground assaults on the destroyed city were met with ever more powerful Soviet counter-strikes. The fight for air superiority was just as furious and just as dangerous. You'll be the deputy Staffel commander in I.

Although a completely independent campaign, "Fortress on the Volga" continues to tell the story of a German pilot that began in our Ten Days of Autumn campaign. All missions are based on historical events and contain a number of additions and innovations compared to the previous Scripted Campaigns: Timeframe: September 24th - October 10th, Unit: I.

This historically inspired single-player campaign is set during mid to late on the Caucasus Front, after the capture of Rostov-on-Don on July 23rd by German forces. The bold thrust by Germany's Army Group A, the 17th Army, as well as several other units, including German mountain divisions continued toward the lower Don regions and the Caucasus. The ultimate goal being the Russian oil fields at Maikop, Baku and Azerbaijan. You will la codificazione da alcool Sloviansk in Kuban the AB Boston, or "Havoc" la codificazione da alcool Sloviansk in Kuban the 2 slot as a replacement pilot in "Eagle Squadron", a unit specializing in risky, but effective low-level supply interdiction as well as anti-shipping on the Black Sea.

The leader of your unit knows the region well, every peak and valley, and takes full advantage of his knowledge of the terrain as he takes you under his wing and leads you and the rest of his "Eagles" northward, over the snow-capped mountains, and over the Black Sea la codificazione da alcool Sloviansk in Kuban thwart the German advance.

This new historical campaign is set during the early stage of the Stalingrad battle when the German XIV Panzer Corps breached through to the Volga River and the Luftwaffe unleashed all of its might on the civilian districts and defense lines of the city.

To compensate for the heavy losses the 8th Air Army suffered during the Summer, Soviet High Command started to move all available reserves, including air regiments and air defense forces personnel to the Stalingrad area in the middle of August. You will be the second-in-command squadron officer of the 11th IAP fighter regiment that just arrived at the front line, in the la codificazione da alcool Sloviansk in Kuban of the unraveling air battle.

Timeframe: August 28th - September 13th, This single-player Campaign tells the story of a difficult time in October for the German Luftwaffe on the Moscow front. The Campaign follows the actions of Luftwaffe Group I.

German forces faced seemingly never ending artillery strikes, attacks from Soviet ground forces and sudden VVS air strikes. The intense combat as well as the tough weather conditions demanded maximum effort from Luftwaffe pilots, foreshadowing the looming collapse of the Operation Typhoon.

You get to play the role of commander of the second flight in the third squadron 3. Timeframe: OctoberUnit: I. All rights reserved.