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Now I know why this restaurant had an opening for 7 on a busy holiday weekend. Fratello 2a vodka won't be back. Cocktails barely had any alcohol and weren't mixed properly. The waitress wasn't personable and barely checked in. We had to wave our hands around and chase her down to get service.

We waited for about 45 mins to place a food fratello 2a vodka. The penne alla vodka was runny like soup. At least 4 others at the table barely ate their meal. It was brought home for our "pet" raccoon to eat fratello 2a vodka the back yard. The restroom is so tiny! There's nowhere to wait while inside, the door will slam you either by people entering the room or leaving the stalls.

There are barely any windows in the joint so if you like eating in a dark hole with beaming table lights then this is the place for you. Went for a family dinner to celebrate a birthday. In addition to the regular menu there was a Restaurant Week special menu as well. We started off with some cocktails. Some of us chose from the special menu and others from the regular menu. The food fratello 2a vodka delicious!

We shared a fried calamari dish, lobster ravioli and a lemon fratello 2a vodka appetizer. The main meals were the filet mignon, a seafood special, veal parm, chicken parm and penne vodka with chicken. The service was friendly and attentive. A comfort food Italian restaurant and a great place after a Sea Girt beach day.

Baked oysters were just so-so. Old fashioned small fratello 2a vodka. But the crusty bread, lasagna and eggplant rollatini were absolutely the bomb. A plus. Penne pasta in vodka sauce was plentiful. I'd return for the lasagna. We sat outside but dark inside looked inviting and low key too. Drinks were fine. Fratello 2a vodka had great server. My mom and I passed this place on a trip to the shore, and it looks adorable from the outside!

When you walk in, it looks like a pub and the back dining room is small and very outdated. I got the fratello 2a vodka salad as an appetizer very subpar and my mom got the pasta fagioli soup - she said it tasted like dog food. She told the waitress and she didn't apologize or offer something else - fratello 2a vodka just took it and rolled her eyes. It took almost an hour and a half to get our entrees how long does it take to cook pasta?!

Fratello 2a vodka got the penne vodka and it didn't taste like anything - sauce was very bland and watery. My mom got eggplant parm for dinner and said it was okay. The waitress was horrible and didn't even ask us if we wanted coffee or dessert or anything.

Definitely not worth it though, especially if you're coming from out of town. Do NOT fratello 2a vodka. We had a really bad dining experience last night. We were out to celebrate my son's birthday, and our party of 7 large but not excessively so was seated in the fratello 2a vodka room.

Problem is, that room was occupied by a very large party celebrating a wedding rehearsal. After drinks were delivered, we had our seventh person show up, fratello 2a vodka I can cut the waitress a bit of slack for this 1st bit of tardiness.

One person in the party ordered a mixed drink Pomegranate Martini and it was not good. She had had a PM there before, and fratello 2a vodka was incredible. This one was not, very little taste, and a very pale pink color. The rest of the cocktails beer, fratello 2a vodka or a Bourbon and Water were ok. A bit after that, we ordered food, 2 apps, salads all around and entrees.

Maybe 15 minutes after we placed the order, we got 1 app, 5 cheese ravioli fratello 2a vodka vodka sauce which I was told was excellent. That was eaten, the dishes cleared, then another minutes passed, and we finally go the 2nd app Garlic bread.

Normally, I expect apps to be delivered around the same time, not with minutes between each app. Normal house salads although as a note, there are no blue cheese chunks in the blue cheese dressing.

Salads finished, plates cleared and the waiting began for entrees. Finally, fratello 2a vodka hours after we sat down, I got up to find someone to ask if they had forgotten about us. Since our waitress was consumed by the large party that we were sharing the room with, I went to the concierge.

At that point, we got our first apology for the delay, from the waitress. Next, the owner Chris came up to apologize. I admit I was beyond being mollified at this point, all I wanted was food.

Besides, we had all had a 2nd round, and we were driving. Finally, the food arrived, 3 orders of chicken parm, 1 order of lasagna, 1 order of Penne ala Vodka1 order of Chicken Valentino, and 1 order of Chicken Scarpiello I think on the last one.

Let's start with the Penne, the Vodka sauce looked like it was a very slightly pink sauce roughly the same consistency as milk. We joked that one needed a spoon to eat it.

The lasagna had almost no flavor, edible, ok, but not enjoyable. The chicken parm, was dry, desert dry, like it had been under heat lamps for a while. No complaints about the Valentino or the Fratello 2a vodka. So, very slow service, fair at best foodnow let me talk about the 'ambiance'. The party we shared the room with was extremely loud, as you would expect when someone is celebrating such an event.

And the kids, were fratello 2a vodka. I admit that none of that is the fault of the restaurant. However, the restaurant did fratello 2a vodka that the party was larger than they expected, and there were rowdy kids, and still chose to sit our party in the same space. As long as Fratello's has been in existence, they should have been able to assess the situation and moved our reservation to a different table.

Ok, sorry about the length, I have tried to keep this factual. Fratello 2a vodka some of the times might be a slight bit off, I know I made my first complaint at 2 hours after our reservation time fratello 2a vodka made the reservation about a week ago. Also, the house did comp what seems to be one round of drinks. I would suggest if when this happens to some other party, the restaurant be much more proactive in offering apologies, also, providing some server support and not expect one wait staff to take care of people 2 crowded long tables plus our crowded round table of 7.

While I know at some point I will probably be back in spite of what I said last nightit will be a long time. I have fratello 2a vodka many good, fratello 2a vodka quick meals there in the past, hopefully tonight is not the new normal for speed and food quality.

Ordered the penne and vodka along with the clams oregenata which were descent, so they get fratello 2a vodka stars for the food. We asked to be moved to the bar area which was much better, until we spotted a bug crawling up a nearby wall. Fratello 2a vodka really wanted to like this place, but Fratello 2a vodka couldn't after the bug.

So fratello 2a vodka overall experience gets a 1. I love fratellos!!!!! Vodka sauce is anmmazing! Always my go to spot.

One of my favorite places to go, the service is great and the food is fantastic. The setting is also great for many occasions, whether it's a night out with friends, a date, pretty much anything.

I recommend everything on the menu, although my favorite is the Penne Vodka. My boyfriend is in love with their steaks and requests it each time. The portions are huge, and after all of the complimentary bread, salad, and bruschetta, I'm always taking some home for lunch the next day.

Overall, great place for some Italian, that I'm now craving. Has been a fratello 2a vodka place since the winter months. Food here is all around great. The seafood is great, the Italian is great, the steaks are great! On the weekends you will want to make a reservation even though you still have to wait a little or else you will have a 40 minute wait. They have bar seating, booths to the side of the bar, and a dining room which I have never eaten in; I prefer the booths.

They always have a specials menu and there is something worth trying on it. From here I have had Escarole and beans very goodChicken Parm, chicken francese, chicken Valentino, Bronzini topped with crab meat served with asparagus in a champagne cream sauce over shrimp risotto specialfillet Mignon served with asparagus and scallops stuffed with crab meat specialchicken marsala, pene ala vodkaand chicken scarpariello. All the food has been great!